Meny Lukk

» the passion behind the collection » …….

Many people tell me that a pen is just a pen and the most important thing is that it works.
For me as a passionate collector of pens with logo and advertising, there is so much more. I will now try to explain what is so genuinely important to me.

I have been collecting pens with logo and advertising for almost 30 years. Will be the anniversary next year, 30 years ……

When I started this collection, I collected everything I came across, but eventually realized that it didn’t matter, even though I had almost 300,000 pens. So I had to do something and came to the conclusion that I had to specialize in 3-4 pieces. Once you have had 300,000 pens, you know what quality is and what is bad pen. It was not difficult to choose for me, I had to have quality, and ended up on Swiss quality, namely Prodir. Prodir has this exquisite quality and the design of the different models was just right for me.

My collection was quiet until 2010, when an «explosion» happened, I joined a pen association and made many new contacts within the collection.
I have gradually found that the collection of pens provides friendship, both here in Norway and in the rest of the world.

In connection with my PRODIR collection and over the years I have gained friendships in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Costa Rica, Malaysia and New Zealand.

So a pen is not just a pen….it creates FRIENDSHIP and a meaning of life♥♥♥

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